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When we originally announced the release of the Multiverser game, among the first to doubt our claims offered to give us a fair review.  He has taken the time to examine it with great care, and has now said much more than just, "It is completely unlike anything I've seen before...this system is exhaustive in the detail and options it provides...."  In fact, he eventually looked at The First Book of Worlds, and announced that it, "even moreso than the main rulebook, is something unique. While, obviously, containing familiar elements, it takes those elements and does something fresh and original with them."--Justin Bacon, RPGNet

We didn't expect this one at all.  Without our knowledge, this reviewer bought and read Multiverser, watched us play on-line, and ran his own game, then published this very positive review, saying such things as "it was money well spent...actually well worth it." and "this game does exactly what it sets out to do."--Breton Stron, Valkyrie Magazine, RPGNet.

Another RPGNet critic read Mr. Stron's review and had to see what the excitement was about--and he, too, found something surprisingly good here:  "...these guys were really on to something...Multiverser is great, it ties all those dust-collecting games I have collected over the years and the ones I would give an outstanding review to still today into one well defined system."  He goes on to review the accompanying free book, saying, "I liked the Book of Worlds much better...everything a module should be."  Apparently he enjoyed the game greatly, for he goes on to review the free New Ice Age download world, and says, "I wouldn't mind it showing up in the Second Book of Worlds".--Grover Penn, RPGNet.

Game critic Dave Nalle, who has reviewed over 300 role playing games, has not yet officially reviewed Multiverser®; however, he mentioned the game in an unrelated Usenet posting (in rec.games.frp.misc on June 09, 1998), at which time he said although he was not ready to review the game, "It does have some decent writing, useful background material and other good qualities."

Another RPGNet critic liked it:  "I wish the other companies would take notice because I feel this book is going places.".  We later sent him a copy of The Second Book of Worlds, and he became the first critic to review it, and quite favorably:  "Overall the product shines....In a word:  Brilliant".  This reviewer was the first to review that book, and went on to look at our first peek at what lies ahead, the free download world Orc Rising, about which he said, "It balances the potential for the action of hack-and-slash campaigns against a depth of meaning second to none, and receives high marks both ways."--Willard Bowser, RPGNet

This review comes from a different perspective--a review from a player rather than a referee.  He enjoyed the game so much, he bought shares in the company, and joined our team.  "No matter who GM's it, plays it, or comes up with a new idea, it is never close to being the same game twice.  Not once in all the years have I said,  'Oh, this reminds me of a scenario I played a while back.'  This game is as close to endless as you can get."--Christopher R. Jones, NJ

We eagerly await the reviews of other game critics.

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Although Sorcerer author Ron Edwards writes reviews for The Forge, it was in one of his articles on game design that he declared Multiverser was "among the shining lights of simulationist design."

A professor who plays role playing games left his opinion in the customer reviews at Barnes & Noble.  He called the Referee's Rules "A true work of art of a role-playing game system."  He raves about The First Book of Worlds, saying, "...this book makes you want to buy it just on the fact it is that good.".

Customer reviews are anonymous on Borders.com, but someone there said, "The authors did a great job with it."  This short review is worth reading in its entirety.

There have also been some wonderful comments on the Official Multiverser Forum; we appreciate our customers' support.

"I love the system so far.  Thanks!"  B.K.W., GeorgiaIf there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.

"One of the best new RPG's currently on the market.  I am impressed...."  K.S., New York

"Overall, the game is well written. . .And the density of information is astounding--there is a lot of 'meat' to this, and very little fluff. . .Kudos on that."  I.R.H., California

"There's nothing like Multiverser. . .Hands down the next step in gaming.  If any questions should ever arise to the limitability of games, this should make them obsolete.  Not only does it do this, but it utilizes the game master's imagination more than any other game, not to mention the players'.  So what it boils down to is it'll be your greatest investment in gaming since dice."  D.P.D, New Jersey

"I HATE people that say this is a new thing, never been done, blah, blah, zzzzzzz...! But the authors of this book were actually right!"  K.C.B.Y., New Jersey

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