The Referee's Rules is only $49.95 (U.S.A.) plus shipping and handling; The First Book of Worlds is included free.  Make checks payable to Valdron Inc., and send to:
Valdron Inc.

P. O. Box 1036

Newcastle DE  19720-1036

Please include your postal address and e-mail address.

It is possible that your country may charge import or customs fees; these will probably be added by your local post office upon delivery, and are not included in the numbers here.  (However, if you send us information about such costs in your country, we'll post them for others, with our gratitude.)

United States, Any:  $49.95 + $4.50 = $54.45
Canada:  $49.95 + $15.00 = $64.95
Other International Locations:  $49.95 + $20.00 = $69.95

Thank you.

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