Mark J. Young
Hear my prayer, oh God my Father,
As I pray--why do I bother?
Oh, dear God!  My name is Judas.
Tell me why, why did I do this to Him?

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I once had much more than a friend,
A brother who would stay to the end.
Lesser love has no man than this,
That a man lay down his friend for a price.

Ev'rything has it's own season.
At one time, I had a reason.
What was that?  I couldn't tell you.
Son of Man, why did I sell you to them?

We'll die together, then--both You and I.
I chose to kill You, and I'll choose to die.
We'll be forgotten when
They bury us, my friend.

Jesus Christ, why have You sought us?
Oh, dear God, how have You bought us?
Thy will be done--no, that's what You taught us.
No, not Thy will but mine be done.

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