Number One
Mark J. Young

Good morning, Mr. Carpenter.  That cross looks mighty fine.
You'll get your normal payment at the ordinary time.
I may throw in a bonus, 'cause I'm feeling mighty kind.
Talk to me on Sunday, when I've made up my mind.

Do these songs edify?
Keep your money--it shouldn't have been done.
I'll make no profit on the killing of God's Son.

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Have it your way, but don't go blaming me.
To save the nation, I must nail him to that tree.
He speaks of peace when He should lead us on to war.
If He's Messiah, I don't know what He came for.

I've heard Him speak, and I'm afraid of what I've heard.
He seems so weak, yet He offends Rome with His word.
The peace I seek--He makes my efforts seem absurd.
He says that He is the Father;
You know that that can't be true.
Rome wants an excuse to slaughter.
Tell me, what am I to do?

I'll tell you, Mr. Carpenter, I know just how you feel.
You've just found something that you think is really real,
And you're excited by the things you've seen Him do.
Just let a month go by, you'll know He isn't true.

Keep your theories.  Keep your lies--
Or can you tell me what caused Lazarus to rise?
I saw it happen, yes, I saw with my own eyes,
And you will listen to Him if you're truly wise.

Mr. Carpenter, I'm sad to see you go.
We'll see what happens in another month or so.
Today's the day your precious Jesus learns to die.
I'll see you later, Mr. Carpenter.  Good bye.

I'm surprised that things have turned out like they have.
I once was worrying, but now I have to laugh.
It's been so easy, that it almost seems to me
That Jesus had a plan to die at Calvary.

Well, He'll die on that cross; yes He'll pay for His crime.
His Name will be lost in the annals of time.
You know that the nation has got to go on.
The nation shall live when this meddler is gone.

Oh, what a break!  Oh what a lucky break
That Jesus' blatant blasphemy
Can look like treason's treachery!
Oh what a break!  Oh what a lucky break
That Jesus' own would turn on Him
And even turn Him in.

If by chance this Jesus is the Son of God--
'Though to me that proposition is too odd.
If I'm tried and asked what I killed Jesus for,
I can always say I acted by the law.

He's been a pest,
But now I've ended all His plans.
I've done my best
To be at peace with all the lands.
Now I can rest,
Because I've got Him in my hands.
He knows that we gave Him a warning,
And yet He continued on.
I know He'll be dead in the morning.
My troubles will soon be gone.

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