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Martial Arts
Martial Arts Styles and Related Rules...
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...for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(tm) in MyWorld.
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I'm sure you'll forgive me if I begin with my own materials here.  M. J. Young's Dungeons & Dragons Materials has been praised by RAWS and by Gary Gygax, and was named one of the First Edition Gems of the Internet by Knights of the Dinner Table.  It has a lot of useful and interesting material about all facets of the game, including a little bit about martial arts--the first character I ran as a player (after over a decade as a DM) was a kensai to the kau sin ke. Tiger is a professional/personal martial arts instructor, author of the new book Martial Knowledge, and an up and coming actor.  Contact Tiger anytime No list of Multiverser links would be complete without a link to the Multiverser Information Center, from which a great deal of information about the game can be found.  Players have called this the "next step in gaming" and "your greatest investment in gaming since dice"--find out why!
I've got another web site dedicated to D&D, Character Creation for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition.  Here you'll find an orderly approach to creating a character (player or non-player) which takes into account everything which was included in the vast collection of rules in the original volumes (plus a few acretions), along with a substantial amount of information and table at the click of a mouse instead of fifteen minutes thumbing through seriously worn rule books. What is an RPG?--which you already know, is not only a fresh look at the experience of role playing games, but also one of the published excerpts from the Multiverser Referee's Rules, a glimpse into the writing style and content of this amazing game.
Alan D. Kohler has put together the first and second edition rules related to martial arts with a few rules of his own, for use in his own game world, Trinalia.  For those of you who use second edition materials, this might help bridge the gap between what's here and what's there.
If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.
 If in the course of examining this material, you want to know more about AD&D, there are at least hundreds of sites on the web which may help; I'll just recommend my own two:
M. J. Young's Dungeons & Dragons Materials as source material for many campaigns and situations;
and all you need to create a character, Character Creation for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition.
And if in the course of examining this material you want to know more about Multiverser, check it out at:
The Multiverser Information Center.

Index:  The introductory page to the material.

Introduction:  Gives an overview of the contents of the web site.

Creating a Martial Arts Style:  Describes the way styles are designed.

Attacks per Round/Attack Multipliers:  How frequently the martial artist may attack.

Learning Martial Arts:  Rules and training techniques.

Martial Arts Titles:  A MyWorld variant and Multiverser concept substituting for "belts".

Use of Multiple Styles:  How to change between styles within the game.

AC for Special Maneuvers/Modifiers for Special Maneuver Attacks:  Clarification of how to use special attacks.

Special Maneuvers Summary:  The available maneuvers are listed with all information.

Stun and Incapacitate:  AD&D rules incorporate this into standard attacks; for Multiverser, this would be a separate skill.

Translating a Player Style:  Multiverser allows a player to bring his actual martial arts skills into the game through these rules.

The Style Collection:  Our imaginary styles are offered for your use.

Other Links of Interest:  A collection of sites related to this material in one way or another.