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Martial Arts
Martial Arts Styles and Related Rules...
Translating a Player Martial Arts Style

...for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons(tm) in MyWorld.
  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons does not translate player styles and maneuvers into the game world.  A few of the styles included in the oriental rules are intended to be representations of real styles, and the referee may consider using these, or attempting to define other real styles in the terms described in the game system.  However, the D&D system is an extremely well-balanced and finely tuned system, and the DM should be mindful of this balance.  Creating new special maneuvers may upset this balance if such maneuvers are not carefully designed to fit the powers and limitations of other maneuvers; also, adding special maneuvers to the system which may be incorporated into additional styles may have the effect of strengthening the styles (which may now have additional highly potent maneuvers) to the detriment of other forms of combat.

Multiverser converts all of the skills of a player into his game persona.  There will be players in the game who have trained in a martial arts style before becoming versers; the referee will need to discuss the techniques of the particular style in detail with the player, and determine the appropriate values for them.  Hopefully, the style will fall within the parameters given for creating a style (most of them will).  The referee should keep such skills within level one for most players, reserving level two for those who have at least won titles in competition or achieved the highest "belts" within the style.  Of course, if a player's style has maneuvers not found here, those maneuvers will fit within the skills detailed in the referee's rules.

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Index:  The introductory page to the material.

Introduction:  Gives an overview of the contents of the web site.

Creating a Martial Arts Style:  Describes the way styles are designed.

Attacks per Round/Attack Multipliers:  How frequently the martial artist may attack.

Learning Martial Arts:  Rules and training techniques.

Martial Arts Titles:  A MyWorld variant and Multiverser concept substituting for "belts".

Use of Multiple Styles:  How to change between styles within the game.

AC for Special Maneuvers/Modifiers for Special Maneuver Attacks:  Clarification of how to use special attacks.

Special Maneuvers Summary:  The available maneuvers are listed with all information.

Stun and Incapacitate:  AD&D rules incorporate this into standard attacks; for Multiverser, this would be a separate skill.

Translating a Player Style:  Multiverser allows a player to bring his actual martial arts skills into the game through these rules.

The Style Collection:  Our imaginary styles are offered for your use.

Other Links of Interest:  A collection of sites related to this material in one way or another.