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Temporal Anomalies

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About the Author

Movies Analyzed
in order examined

    Addendum to Terminator
    Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines
    Terminator Recap
    Terminator Salvation
    Terminator Genisys
    Terminator:  Dark Fate
Back To The Future
Back To The Future II
Back To The Future III
Star Trek Introduction
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    Star Trek: Generations
    Star Trek: First Contact
    Star Trek (2009)
12 Monkeys
    Addendum to 12 Monkeys
Flight Of The Navigator
  Flight Of The Navigator Addendum
Army of Darkness
Lost In Space
Peggy Sue Got Married
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Planet of the Apes
Kate and Leopold
Somewhere In Time
The Time Machine
Minority Report
Happy Accidents
The Final Countdown
Donnie Darko
  S. Darko
Harry Potter and
    the Prisoner of Azkaban

Deja Vu
    Primer Questions
Bender's Big Score
Popular Christmas Movies
The Butterfly Effect
  The Butterfly Effect 2
  The Butterfly Effect 3:  Revelations
The Last Mimzy
The Lake House
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Hot Tub Time Machine
Los Cronocrimines a.k.a. TimeCrimes
A Sound of Thundrer
Frequently Asked Questions
    About Time Travel

Source Code
Blackadder Back & Forth
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
11 Minutes Ago
Men in Black III
La Jetée
Midnight in Paris
Meet the Robinsons
H. G. Wells' The Time Machine
The Jacket
Safety Not Guaranteed
The Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment II
Time After Time
About Time
Free Birds
X-Men:  Days of Future Past
Edge of Tomorrow
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Project Almanac
Time Lapse
O Homem Do Futuro
    a.k.a. The Man from the Future

Abby Sen
When We First Met
See You Yesterday
The History of Time Travel
Theory Pages
in no particular order

Discussing Time Travel Theory
A Primer on Time
The Science of Time Travel
The Two Brothers
The Spreadsheet Illustration
The Uncaused Cause
Mass Suicide and the Grandfather Paradox
Toward Two-Dimensional Time
A Critique of the Spreadsheet Theory
Response to A Critique
Temporal Theory 101
Temporal Theory Questions
  (From The Examiner)

Temporal Theory 102

Miscellaneous Articles
in original publication sequence except for indices inserted at correct points in the historic flow

Temporal Anomalies Classics
Temporal Anomalies Index 2009
Back to the Future Nationwide
  Theatrical Showing This Evening

People Magazine's Woman of the Year
  Sandra Bullock
    featured in time travel films

Temporal Anomalies Index 2010
Source Code Opens April 1, 2011
Future Time Travel Film Analyses--2011
Why Not Analyze
  Time Travel Television Shows?

Men in Black III Remakes History
Temporal Anomalies Index 2011
(Some of) The Best Time Travel Movies
  You Might Have Missed

Men in Black III May 25th U.S. debut
  midnight shows tonight

Future Time Travel Film Analyses--2012
Temporal Anomalies Index 2012
(Some of) The Best Time Travel Movies
  for Children

Films Currently Showing, November 2013
Upcoming Time Travel Films,
  from February 2014

(Some of) The Best Time Travel
  Romance Movies

Upcoming time travel films,
  from December 2014

Temporal Anomalies Index 2014
(Some of) The Best Time Travel Comedies
(Some of) The Best Time Travel Thrillers

Not Letters

Chuck Buckley's Time Travel Problem:
  First Response

Chuck Buckley's Time Travel Problem:
  Second Response

Chuck Buckley's Time Travel Problem:
  Third Response

Chuck Buckley's Time Travel Problem:
  Fourth Response

Vazor's Time Travel Questions:
  First Response


Doctor TOC, 12 Monkeys Fixed Timeline
Doctor TOC, Woman on Plane
JKrapf007, Evil Dead 2 Not a Remake
Nathro, Evil Dead 2 a Sequel
JKrapf007, Travel Before Your Birth
Nathro, More About Evil Dead
Sauce96, Terminator and Star Trek
Sauce96, Presenting an Original Story
Sauce96, Defending Paradox
Muhammed, A Line from 12 Monkeys
Holger Thiemann, 12 Monkeys Fixed Time
Chad Hadsell, Local Infinity Loops
Chad Hadsell, Time an Abstraction
Holger Thiemann, Testing the Theory
Chad Hadsell, Travel to the Future
Chad Hadsell, Erasing Future Self
Holger Thiemann, Temporal Duplicates
Gecko, 12 Monkeys Analysis Incorrect
Jason Seiler, 12 Monkeys Static Time
Jason Seiler, Metaphysics Class Links
Etienne Rouette, Woman on Plane
Matthew Potts, Woman on Plane
Bart, Parallel Universe Theory
Bart, Clarification

Copyright Information

The temporal anomaly terminology used here is drawn from Appendix 11:  Temporal Anomalies of Multiverser from Valdron Inc, and is illustrated on the home page of this web site.  This site is part of M. J. Young Net.

Books by the Author.

The Book

Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies
M. Joseph Young

Who is the author of the temporal anomalies site?

About the Author

M. Joseph Young first published several brief pieces of satire in the Elmer Times in Elmer, New Jersey in the early 1980's; he more recently is co-author of the Multiverser® Role Playing Game from Valdron Inc, which some have called "the next step in gaming".  His work with that game has extended to its two supplements, The First Book of Worlds and The Second Book of Worlds, and he has written the first novel connected to the game concept, Verse Three, Chapter One.

A member of American Mensa, he holds an A.A. from Luther College of the Bible and Liberal Arts in Teaneck, New Jersey; an A.B. in Biblical Studies from Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts; and a J. D. from Widener University School of Law.  Among his graduating honors, he is a member of the Phi Delta Phi legal honor fraternity, received an American Jurisprudence Award in Jurisprudence, and is listed in the eighth and ninth editions of Who's Who Among American Law Students.

In addition to the material he has presented here on Temporal Anomalies, he has several other contributions on the web.

One of the leading advocates within the Christian church for fantasy and role play gaming, he has long served as the chaplain of the Christian Gamers Guild, where his contributions include four years of the monthly column Faith and Gaming in The Chaplain's Corner.  Author of the book and e-book What Does God Expect? A Gospel-based Approach to Christian Conduct, he has a daily study through one of the guild's Yahoo!Groups by subscription, currently studying Romans through the week, with excerpts from his forthcoming book on the fruit of the Spirit on weekends.

He wrote the weekly Game Ideas Unlimited column about creativity in game design and play for Gaming Outpost plus many other columns on role playing games there and on sites throughout the web.

He also has written Stories from the Verse, a collection of stories created from the adventures of players in the Multiverser games he has run during the testing and development phase and since.

He maintains a page devoted to Dungeons & Dragons, the original role playing game, which he has been refereeing since 1980.  Here he has many programs, documents, and articles which the D&D player or DM may find valuable and interesting.  Knights of the Dinner Table identified this site as one of the best available for First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

His own home page contains several things of interest,If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form. including the Journals of the Architect, stories of his own Multiverser character's adventures as refereed by others; Bible teaching materials and illustrations; song lyrics from his musical compositions; and a little bit of discussion about law.

To assist those interested in his work, other pages can be found through an extended index of his web pages for those who seek content in their web browsing.  It includes a few other pages about the author.  Information about his print publications is also available.

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